Company Brief

We help organizations bring on-stream lasting change by launching new business ideas, accessing new markets or by delivering growth, transformation and performance improvement projects.

The offered services satisfy the needs of profit or non-profit organizations with local or worldwide footprint, from public and private sectors.

The Process

Step 1: The working processes and methodologies are tailor made on your specific needs.
Step 2: We add up knowledge and experience to offer a solid foundation.
Step 3: Along the process, necessary tactic adjustments are made to exploit, offset or adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Avallon changes, delivers, cares.

Alina Alexandra Aron Ostafi

Through our collaboration you will benefit from more than knowledge and experience. I will add active emotional intelligence, change and increase the confidence in your organization’s strengths.

A partnership in developing meaningful projects would be an honor and great pleasure.

Thank you for your time!


  • Exposed to all business phases: from launching New Business Ideas and companies to Strategy Development, from M&A to Business Development, from Business Improvement and Change Management to Divestment
  • 13 years of business experience with Start-Ups and Mature Companies
  • 15 years of NGOs and society-oriented projects
  • Mainly implementing or selling business and projects ideas to internal (Board Members, Employees) and external (Investors, State Authorities) stakeholders
  • Areas of expertise: Management Consulting & Change Management, Project Management, Market Research/Due Diligence, Business Case/Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Business Performance, Benchmarking, Public Procurement


  • International Management & Marketing Master (RO University of Economic Studies)
  • Global Oil & Gas Management (Thunderbird University US)
  • Petroleum Economics (University of Leoben Austria)
  • Project Management (Romanian Education and Labour Ministries)
  • Public Procurement (Integrate Investment)
  • BOSIET (RAS Tuzla)


  • Romanian – mother language
  • English – advanced
  • French – basic to intermediate
  • Russian – basic

Intellectual Assets

Exposed to all business phases – from Strategy Development to M&A and Business Development, from Business Improvement and Change Management to Divestment

Oil & Gas / Energy

12 years


14 years

Internal Consultancy & Change Management

done at HQ & in the Field Offshore & Onshore

Project Management

>20 projects covering Business, CAPEX, M&A, Divestment, Humanitarian areas

Business Case & Business Plan

done for Outsourcing, Reorganizations, Investments, Acquisitions, Divestments

Business Performance, Benchmarking

done for 7 offshore platforms & 1 onshore plant

Public Procurement

Interacted with > 30 firms (Operations, Maintenance, Heli, Vessels, Catering, etc.)

International Management & Marketing Master

RO University of Economic Studies

Development assignment

Talent Challenge Core – an OMV Leadership Program


Global Oil & Gas Management (Thunderbird University US)
Petroleum Economics (University of Leoben Austria)
Project Management (Romanian Education and Labor Ministries)
Public Procurement (Integrate Investment)


English – advanced
Romanian – mother language
French – basic to intermediate
Russian – basic (intermediate ongoing)


  • “I’ve had the opportunity of collaborating with Alina on various extra-curricular, community-focused projects. Alina displays excellent project management skills, being task-oriented and very well organized. She is a diligent and hard-working professional, providing candid solutions to complex problems, fueled by her passion and skills to deliver remarkable quality projects. Through her rational and critical thinking skills, Alina helps teams see the big picture and focus on designing road-maps towards achieving organizational objectives. She is a trusted and respected colleague and highly reliable professional, able to stand out and make a difference.” Alexandru Cosmin Buteică Specialist within an International Financial Institution & President CAESAR
  • “Alina is a positive force for any team. Enthusiastic, eager to learn (and quickly does so) and she is ready to put in the hours that are required to deliver objectives. She thrives in an international setting and communicates very well across all layers of the organization. She is a self starter and will do well in a corporate career or as an independent entrepreneur.” Paul van der Harten Chief Financial Officer & Director at 3W Power SA
  • “I have worked with Alina on key transformation projects in Oil & Gas, including organizational changes and public procurement. She is a customer-focused project manager who delivers on time, cost-effective and highest quality solutions. Her business acumen is a guarantee that she will thoroughly cover all necessary aspects of any engagement. A trustful, loyal and positive-thinking partner for success!” Mihai Crișan Head of Resource & Capability Management at Bombardier Transportation