Part of a team that supported an integrated oil and gas company to develop its Upstream expansion strategy

For instance, for a similar project, we can support you with:

  • Project Management / Coordination / PMO services and
  • Work stream Responsible/Disciplines Coordination role for any of these phases

Countries Preselection

  • Filter countries based on Company’s main targets and Political fit

Market Analysis & Countries Selection

  • Demand & Supply analysis: countries, regional, international
  • Countries Due Diligence: Technical (potential growth), Economics, Infrastructure, Fiscality, Legislation, Human rights, Procurement, etc.
  • Run multidisciplinary workshop to rank and select countries

Strategic Opportunities

  • From the selected countries: filter companies & oil/gas fields based on specific targets (e.g. reserves, NPV, OPEX)
  • Rank these opportunities: weigh how fit, attractive and accessible these are (using specific quantitative and capitative targets)
  • Group top opportunities in Strategic Options
  • Handover to Business Development / M&A team